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From our friend and Laurel and Hardy authority Richard W. Bann: "Since the Vivendi Essential L&H Boxed Set, fans have been asking about a possible Blu-Ray release. At this time, there is yet no plan for any such product. We can announce, however, that these same remastered titles are now available to own in true HD from iTunes... (and there will be another related announcement forthcoming in the months ahead)."


Laurel and Hardy Central Co-Webmaster John V. Brennan (the mug pictured here) has a book for Kindle available through Amazon titled "Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Gorilla!"  It is a collection of specially chosen and edited movie reviews he has written for several sites including Laurel and Hardy Central over fifteen or so years.  Also included in the book are a handful of movie-related articles and several personal photographs.  The reviews run from Charlie Chaplin to Harry Potter, with Godzilla, Tom and Jerry, The Bowery Boys and more, including a handful of Laurel and Hardy reviews reprinted from this site.  The book has garnered a handful of highly enthusiastic reviews with such accolades as "...a wonderful compendium of reviews...", " and freewheeling... smart and informative..." and "I recommend this book for anyone who loves the movies."  :
     "Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Gorilla!" is available in many countries on Amazon for Kindle and Kindle-enabled devices for only $4.99 (USD).  The link provided here is for Amazon U.S. but please check the Amazon site in your own country also.  If you like the book, please leave a review on Amazon!  Thank you!

Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only The Gorilla!


In case we never said it before, thank you to all the fans of Laurel and Hardy and of this website for your wonderful comments in our Guest Book.  We wish there was some way to reply, and we are looking into it, but we appreciate your enthusiasm and all of your thoughts.  For those of you who have expressed displeasure with some of our opinions on some films (Bonnie Scotland, for one example), we are thankful for your passion.  We won't apologize for having negative things to say about some of Laurel and Hardy's movies, but we do feel that your opinions are just as valid as ours! In conclusion - a thousand thank yous to you all.


Our friend Lucy K. Southward (the lovely lady pictured here) is a freelance artist from Lancashire, England.  She works mainly in graphite pencil, colored pencil and watercolors, and her work blows us away.  Like most wonderful people, she loves Laurel and Hardy, and we invite you to check out her site, where she has her artwork, including her Laurel and Hardy drawings, for sale.  We have no business ties with Ms. Southward, and get no financial renumeration on any sale she makes - we just think she is an outstanding artist and want to share her work.  Thanks, Lucy!

Lucy K. Southward's site:


Our fan page on facebook now has over 5,000 "likes" as of January, 2015.

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While Laurel and Hardy Central has scaled itself back over the past few years out of necessity, there is one Laurel and Hardy site we love which seems to be expanding endlessly.  If you haven't checked out Another Nice Mess: The Films of Laurel and Hardy, created by our pal Dave Lord Heath (pictured here in all his "lordly" glory), you owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to do so now.  A true treasure trove of information and graphics that opens up the world of Laurel and Hardy as well as The Hal Roach Studios in ways that may stupefy you!  You could get lost for days in this site!  With Dave's kind permission, we have used some of his excellent screen captures for our Silents section.  Thanks, Dave!

Another Nice Mess (


Our friend and fellow L&H enthusiast Rob Stone has broken the news that the U.S. Library of Congress has purchased Stan Laurel's scrapbooks and home movies.


Laurel and Hardy Central has opened a small Charity Donation page.  We encourage you to visit it and consider making a donation to one of the organizations we list there. We have no affiliation with any particular charity (and we only have two listed at the moment), but we think that with the number of fine Laurel and Hardy fans who visit this site month in, month out, perhaps together we can make a difference in people's lives!  Thanks! - JB, JL

--- John Larrabee, John V. Brennan